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When the Duchess of Cambridge wore a delicate pair of imitation diamond-and-pearl earrings to the Diamond Jubilee service at St Paul's Cathedral earlier this year, she could not have anticipated the chain of events she would set in motion. Elegant multi-strand necklace strung with crystal pearls Simulated faux pearl Swarovski crystal 10k goldplated pewter Pusher clasp Made in USA. Large imitation pearls trim the open, oblong hoops on these Kenneth Jay Lane earrings. By the 1950s, when a significant number of women in developed countries could afford their own cultured pearl necklace, natural pearls were reduced to a small, exclusive niche in the pearl industry.

At the second chain store, they bought a $699 cultured pearl necklace for $499. The iridescence that pearls display is caused by the overlapping of successive layers, which breaks up light falling on the surface. Pearls of abalone, or pāua , are mabe pearls, or blister pearls, unique to New Zealand waters and are commonly referred to as 'blue pearls'.

Highlighted items include a pair of fishhook earrings featuring cranes, a pair of fishhook earrings with black enameled flowers, a bead necklace with three charms including the Eiffel Tower and a multi-strand imitation pearl necklace with varied sized beads.

If you're worried about the quality of the pearl jewellery online, make sure you buy from a trusted retailer with a good return or exchange policy. Teardrop-shaped pearls are often used in pendants. Essentially, the controversy damaged the images of both natural and cultured pearls.

Although the Good Morning America experiment turned up some poor quality pearls, informed buyers can still find good quality gemstones, if they know what to look for. Place cultured pearls in a chamois bag or wrap them in tissue when putting them away. These double-sided studs are made from lustrous ivory and gray faux pearls that can be reversed to suit your outfit.

Real pearls, on the other hand, are a valuable commodity made by mollusks, either oysters, mussels or various other bi-valve species. Never was there mention of imitation pearls...interesting situation...and I learned something about misnomers. Handmade in your chosen colour and to your chosen length using 6mm quality glass faux pearls on fine clear illusion cord.

Such natural pearls are rarely found; the fine ones that do exist command staggering prices and are mostly owned by collectors or connoisseurs. Some of the names of fake or faux pearls you might hear or read about are costume, imitation, man-made, simulated, artificial, Mallorca,or Majorica.

A farm in the Gulf of California , Mexico, is culturing pearls from the black lipped Pinctada mazatlanica oysters and the rainbow lipped Pteria sterna oysters. In cultured pearls, an irritant is surgically placed into the mollusk and protected in "pearl farms" while the pearl develops.